NASDEX is designed to serve as a bridge between the crypto world and the equity world.

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What is NASDEX

NASDEX is a decentralized exchange that offers our users the ability to trade tokenized equities on blockchain via our minting and trading mechanism that mimics the offchain economics of the real world equity price.


The legacy pain points of a traditional equity exchange
Geographic Limitations

Difficult and expensive to buy equities outside of an individual's home jurisdiction

Portfolio Management Limitations

Inefficient to manage a portfolio containing both crypto as well as equity

Product Limitations

Investors are mainly limited to the vanilla strategy of only going long on entire shares of stocks

A tokenized DEX is the solution
Global Access, Zero KYC

Retail and institutional investors globally can mint and trade tokenized stocks with no KYC

Improved Portfolio

Frictionless portfolio allocation adjustments between crypto and tokenized stocks

Enhanced Product

With tokenized stocks,
investors can go long and
short, do fractional
ownership, and yield farm

Core Benefits of the NASDEX ecosystem

Yield enhancement
through liquidity
Asia focused with
Asian stocks, such as Tencent, Meituan
movement between
tokenized stocks
and crypto


Josh Du
Chief Investment Officer

Institutional portfolio manager with over 15 years of investment experience. Managed funds and teams of upwards of USD 1 billion AUM. Knowledgeable in all asset classes including equity, credit, cryptos. Ex-Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank.

Belinda Zhou
Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing and community management specialist with 4 years of experience in blockchain. Resourceful in community building and creating project awareness. Ex-DAOventures and Dubai Tourism.

Henry Du
Chief Product Officer

IT, Devops, Blockchain. Co-founder of crypto exchange ABIT.com. Lead a team of IT talents for blockchain projects including digital exchange, crypto wallet, DeFi program and more.

Guru Singh
Product Lead

Early DeFi Power User with experience as a DeFi strategist, analyst and fund manager with DAOventures and several family offices. Co-Founder & Product Machine at LFG Capital.



Richard Wang
Partner at DraperDragon Fund

Venture Capitalist. Richard's
current investments include semiconductors, blockchain and digital assets, including successful investments in projects such as Vechain and Kronos.

Terence Tan
Managing Partner at IPV Capital

Co Founder and Managing Partner of IPV Capital venture funds with $250m under management. Holds board seats on several IPV portfolio companies including Amprius, Giantec and V-Key Inc.

Alvin Foo
Co-founder at DAOventures

Previously Google Head of Mobile China, IPG Managing Director, Omnicom Head of Mobile. Advisor for SXSW, SOSventures, Sparklabs Korea. Emerging Tech & Marketing Evangelist.



Business and Product Roadmap


· Look for potential trader community and business partner

· Seed & private round fundraising

· Public sales via IDO platforms

2021 Q3

· Get internal testers for NASDEX MVP version

· Roadshows in major cities in Asia

2021 Q4

· Create online trading courses and build a global community

· Platform live with top 20 stocks to trade

· Cross-promotion and strategic airdrops

· Apply licenses

2022 Q1

· Continue expansion into SEA markets including India, Korea and Singapore

· Add >50 Asian stocks for the users to trade

2022 Q2

· System architecture, product  UI / UX design and  wireframing

· Mobile app development for client-side access, including iOS/Android applications

· Infrastructure development with a focus on: security, database integrity, user and data analytics, and digital exchange services

· Blockchain infrastructure initial design and architecture (single ecosystem)

· Blockchain infrastructure development and integration

· Complete infrastructure development focusing on financial modelling, data intelligence, and digital asset management

· Integration with 3rd party real-time data feeds

· Web portal development for client- side and administrative access

· NASDEX MVP pilot phasebegins

· NASDEX officially goes live, with initial user base, partners, and digital exchange services online

· Refine the blockchain roadmap and ecosystem into a multichain architecture

· Begin blockchain infrastructure expansion development plans

· Continuously refine user experience by updating all mobile applications and web portals

· Further refine NASDEX financial models, and user and data analytics capabilities

· Promote the growth of NASDEX ecosystem by expanding our number of online entry points through other third-party platforms

· Implement governance model for future protocol improvements

· NASDEX multichain blockchain infrastructure update complete